Water, the most precious and currently the scarcest asset; a natural resource that contributes directly to the social and economic development of a country. Nitriflex’s contribution to the preservation of this highly precious asset was the considerable investment in the modernization of the effluent treatment system in its industrial park. With new state of the art facilities and equipments, this new system considerably generates economy ensuring a highly pure water for the final manufacturing process. Treatment is basically performed in two stages:

Physical-chemical treatment Reduction of the amount of waste present in the effluent through decantation (separation of heterogeneous mixtures).

Biological treatment
Removal of substances harmful to the environment through the action of microorganisms specific for this purpose, resulting in a clean water that can be returned to the environment or reused in the industrial process. It is Nitriflex exercising its role of a sustainable company. Guanabara Bay is grateful!