Types Polymerization Acrylonitrile Content (%) Mooney Viscosity MML 1+4 @ 100ºC Applications Literature
N-726 Cold 28 60 Ideal for applications that require good performance at low temperature and moderate oil resistance. E.g.: Hose liners, gaskets, diaphragms, and printing rollers.
N-728 Cold 28 80 Ideal for applications that require good performance at low temperatures and moderate oil resistance. E.g.: Insulating tubes, Hose liners, gaskets and diaphragms.
N-612 B Cold 33 27 Due to the excellent flow this grade is excellent for molding applications ( injection , transfer and compression ) . Furthermore it have good oil resistance and is easy processing.
N-615 B Cold 33 48 General-purpose rubber for artifacts that require good oil and fuel resistance and good processability. E.g.: Printing roller coating, laminate floor coating, conveyor belts, transmission belts, sealing rings, sealers, gaskets, footwear, and expanded artifacts.
N-616 B Cold 33 60 Artifacts that require good oil and grease resistance, good processability. Ex: Sealing rings, gaskets, diaphragms and sections.
N-608 Cold 33 80 Good oil resistance, good deformation by compression and mechanical properties, excellent for extruded artifacts. E.g.: Rollers, printing rollers, hoses, and laminate floor coating, sections, plates,gaskets, fabric coatings and molded products.
N-6011 Cold 33 115 High loading absorption capability and resistance to traction, excellent deformation by compression. E.g.: Low-hardness printing rollers, gaskets, sheets, rice rice peelers and friction materials.
N-300 Cold 39 56 Indicated for applications that require high oil and fuel resistance, excellent mechanical properties. E.g.: Hoses, sealing rings, gaskets, and conveyor belts.
N-206 Cold 45 63 Excellent oil and fuel resistance, good mechanical properties, low permeability to gas, high resistance to water swell. E.g: Hoses, sealing rings, gaskets and conveyor belts.
N-8 Hot 30 80 Indicated for calendaring and extrusion applications . Excellent surface finishing , low shrinkage. Addition of N-8 into a compound results in better dimensional stability of the unvulcanised extrudate. E.g.: Profiles , hoses, conveyor belts, adhesives.
N-7 Hot 30 94 Excellent performance in dynamic applications. E.g.: Hoses, laminate floor coating, belts, friction materials, and rice peeling machines.
N-5 Hot 39 86 Excellent oil and fuel resistance, good mechanical properties. E.g.: Cement, adhesives, grout, safety footwear, and friction materials.
Rev. 03/2018

NBR solid rubber is sold in 33 kg bales wrapped in polyethylene film and packed in cardboard boxes of about 1,200.

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