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Water, the greatest prize that sustains life

Water, an essential good for our planet, a natural resource that contributes directly to a
country’s social and economic development.

Nitriflex’s mission is to produce and commercialize special polymers, in a profitable yet environmentally sustainable manner, develop new products, and provide solutions for new markets. Aware of its strong commitment to sustainability, the company has invested considerably in the modernization of its wastewater treatment system in the industrial park of Duque de Caxias.
The new treatment system stands out for the implementation of the most sophisticated processes for treating industrial wastewater that enables its reuse and great savings by reducing the amount of water consumption in industrial processes.

This new facility won the Brazilian Top Rubber Award como “Outstanding Environmental Achievement” category, as it directly benefited the population of the city of Rio de Janeiro, with emphasis to the Guanabara Bay, which has noticed the change in its water caused by Nitriflex’s responsible touch.

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For us, the greatest award is the knowledge that the joint efforts of Nitriflex professionals towards sustainability has the power to change lives and contribute to making the world a better place. In addition to fully achieving the main goal of treating the wastewater produced by the factory, this new concept of treatment achieves excellent quality standards of the final effluent, surpassing the strict environmental requisites of the state of Rio de Janeiro and thus meeting the demands of the present without compromising the capacity of future generations to satisfy their own needs.

The depollution of Nitriflex’s liquid waste is carried out in its state-of-the-art wastewater treatment station (WTS), where, in addition to the conventional stages of pH correction, equalization, physical and chemical treatment using coagulation, flocculation and gravity separation, it also includes steps such as biological treatment in the pre-anoxic phase (the modified Ludzack Ettinger process), capable of reducing the concentration of wastewater pollutants to extraordinary international quality standards.
Finally, instead of the sludge gravity separators usually observed in other WTSs, an additional nanofiltration of biological waste using a cross flow membrane bioreactor system (MBRs) and UV light sterilization confers exceptional quality in terms of eliminating turbidity, sedimentable residue, and pathological microorganisms (completely absent in the final effluent), enabling its reuse in a wide range of industrial processes.
Our system for treating and disposing of biological and physical-chemical sludge is currently one of the most efficient available in the market. It employs a centrifugation process that significantly reduces the humidity of solid waste to a minimum and sends the least possible amount to industrial landfills certified by environmental organizations.

With our ISO 14001 certification, Nitriflex recognizes and prioritizes environmental management in its decision-making processes, integrated into Nitriflex’s Total Quality Policy. The company’s permanent environmental principles are:

  1. 1- To abide by environmental legislation and regulations, as well as other requisites to which Nitriflex subscribes.
  2. 2- To promote, at all of the company’s hierarchical levels, a personal sense of responsibility to the environment.
  3. 3- To assess, control and prevent the environmental effects resulting from Nitriflex’s processes.
  4. 4- To continuously improve environmental performance by reducing waste and optimizing the use of natural resources and materials, establishing environmental objectives and goals, which are available to any stakeholder in the environmental field.

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Wastewater Treatment Station